How To Make Your Own Printable Recipes Pages

Well it's not too hard to make your own printable recipe links, just time consuming (and actually kinda cheating).

1. Start a new blog via blogger with your name and something like "printable recipes", "recipes", etc. (e.g. we did thepepperedpantry-printablerecipes).

2. Choose a basic template (we chose "Simple II").

3. Under the layout tab, select "Page Elements". We set up the page so it is very basic (e.g "Title" on top, then "Blog Posts", then "Link List" on bottom). We added the "Link List" gadget to be able to link back to the original blog.

4. Select "Fonts and Colors" and change the colors to what you would like. We changed all the gray colors to black or white so it's more printer-friendly and to save on color ink.

5. Then under "Settings" tab, select "Basic" then under "Title" enter what you want your title to be (e.g. we did "The Peppered Pantry - Printable Recipes").

6. Then while still under "Settings" go to "Formatting" and uner "Show at most" set to "1" "Posts" on the main page.

7. To make it more printer-friendly, under "Comments" set it to "Hide" on the first option.

8. Under "Archiving" set the "Archive Frequency" to "Daily" and "Enable Post Pages" to "Yes".
Note: i'm not sure if this is even necessarry but I did it just to make sure that it is just one post per page.

You're done and can start posting your printable recipes! Now, it is just a matter of a copying your recipe from your post and pasting it onto a new post on your printable recipe blog. Also, you could find other templates via other sites, but we kept ours basic...once again, more printer-friendly!